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Machining centers / Bar milling

CU 2007 / CU 3007 Machining centers

CU 2007 / CU 3007
The CU 2007 and CU 3007 combine dynamic performance and outstanding reliability.

  1. Main advantages :
  2. High-performance 3-5-axis* machining
  3. Powerful, high-performance milling spindle (20,000 rpm)
  4. 60 m/min rapid feed rate
  5. HSK-E40 tool changer with 24 or 40* positions

  6. Types of workpiece
  7. Main plates
  8. Bridges
  9. Other movement components
  10. Small parts machined from billets

  11. Easy to use
  12. Good overview of the work area.
  13. Smooth, steep walls allow good chip flow directly into the chip conveyor*.
  14. Chip wash-down system.
  15. Service-friendly access to all units.
  16. Oil mist extraction device.

  17. Flexibility
  18. Functional design.
  19. Table can be fixed or swivelled with digital drives for 5-axis* machining.
  20. HSK 40 tool holder with 24 / 40* positions.

Technical specificationsCU 2007 CU 3007
X-axis500 mm700 mm
Y-axis400 mm400 mm
Z-axis470 mm470 mm
Tool magazine (position)24/40* 24/40*
Tool HolderHSK-E40 HSK-E40
Chip-to-chip time< 3 sec.< 3 sec.
Speed20,000 rpm20,000 rpm
Power S1 (Max.)2.2 (3.7) kW2.2 (3.7) kW
Table size650 x 400 mm850 x 400 mm
Control typeFanuc 0iMB/31iB* Fanuc 0iMB/31iB*
5-axis simultaneous (option)FANUC 31iB-5* FANUC 31iB-5*
Dimensions L x W x H1580 x 2450 x 2410 mm2100 x 2450 x 2410 mm
Weight2,500 kg3,000 kg
Max. power consumption15 kVA15 kVA
Air pressure6 bars6 bars

BA 1008 Bar milling

Press G3
The ultra-compact bar miller born in watchmaking territory

The BA 1008 is fed with bars via the machine, using a divider system which allows workpieces up to a diameter of 16 mm to be loaded. Positioned machining operations and interpolation between the tool systems and the workpiece are easily possible. With 4 frontal spindles, 3 lateral spindles and 2 secondary operation spindles, the BA 1008 is well equipped to service Almac's trademark industry: watchmaking.

  1. Benefits :
  2. Ergonomics based on the famous SwissNano from Tornos
  3. High productivity
  4. Reduced dimensions
  5. Excellent value for money

  6. Types of workpiece :
  7. Dial components
  8. Appliques
  9. Settings
  10. Windows
  11. Movement and exterior components.

Unique performance

Designed for milling complex parts from bar stock, the BA 1008 machine is equipped with 4 front spindles, 3 lateral spindles and 2 counter-operation spindles. This multi-spindle technology ensures it can offer the highest productivity. A divider system is used to load workpieces up to a diameter of 16 mm.


The excellent 180° accessibility of the highly ergonomic machining area, combined with the small footprint of the BA 1008, simplifies the operator's work, in terms of both safety and comfort and access to mechanical areas during setup.
Technical specificationsBA 1008
Axes6 linear + 1 C axis axes
Max bar diameter16 mm
Frontal spindles4 spindles 12, 28 or 80,000 (ER11 collets) rpm
Lateral spindles3 spindles 12, 28 or 80,000 (ER11 collets) rpm
Counter-operations2 spindles 12, 28 or 80,000 (ER11 collets) rpm
Parting1 spindle
Dimensions L x W x H2400 x 650 x 1600 mm