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Double upright with double connecting rod

Sangiacomo Eccentric presses Double upright with double connecting rod
The construction system adopted on the 2 column double connecting rod presses is that of opposed rotation eccentric shafts.

Thanks to the opposed rotation eccentric shafts with a single or double helical tooth gear, the system offers excellent balancing of the masses in movement and, consequently, asymmetrical wear of the ram guides is avoided.

The generous dimensions of the working tables and spaces between the columns on the 2 column double connecting rod presses, guarantee a high level of application flexibility above all in the use of progressive dies.

The development of this kind of press has also been generated by the use of drives, production islands and other technical expedients to supply and quickly replace the dies and the product.
Variable speed
T125 DM-DB125035÷9014÷150
T160 DM-DB160035÷9018÷180
T200 DM-DB200035÷8020÷200
T250 DM-DB250035÷7521÷230
T315 DM-DB315035÷7023÷250
T400 DM-DB400030÷6523÷250
T500 DM-DB500020÷6023÷250