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Gooseneck C-frame quick

Sangiacomo Eccentric presses Gooseneck C-frame quick
The c-frame eccentric mechanical presses are characterised by a sturdy monolithic structure. It is simple in design and yet suited to a multiplicity of processes, thanks also to the possibility of applying a large number of optional devices: the production range covers eccentric mechanical presses from 10 Ton to 450 Ton, with quick or delayed transmission of motion.

The range of production covers eccentric mechanical presses from 10 Ton to 75 Ton, with "quick" transmission of motion.

The quick c-frame presses are designed for high speed (up to 300 strokes/min), as there are no intermediate gears between the motor shaft and flywheel shaft. These presses are recommended for blanking and punching..
Variable speed
T10 CE10019092÷230
T15 CE15016588÷220
T20 CE20015584÷210
T30 CE30014580÷200
T40 CE40014576÷190
T50 CE50014072÷180
T75 CE75012060÷130